Residential Interior Painting

HB Painting Contractors is here to help you with all of your interior house painting needs. We have been providing the best in class residential interior painting services to business and homeowners in O’Fallon, St. Charles County, St. Louis County, and nearby areas for over 25 years.

Some of the cities we service in the above counties include Weldon Spring, Cottleville, Lake St. Louis, Wentzville, O’Fallon, St. Peters, and others.

Quality Painting Service


Every project big or small requires proper assessment before we start working on it and hence we will be doing the same with your project by meeting with you to assess the job, document specifications, and then provide you with a detailed quote.

Once the estimate is approved by you, we will assign trained painters for your project. And before we forget to tell you, none of the assigned painters are sub-contractors but they actually work for HB Painting Contractors.

We will be assisting you in the goals of your projects and answer any doubts or queries that you may have. Even if it is us help you choose the paint colors for your home or deciding on which rooms could use update and which one’s don’t.

Proper Prep

Before we start working on any residential interior painting job, we cover all surfaces and stationary fixtures carefully so as to protect them against any paint spill or damage. You will never find us taking shortcuts while preparing the areas, so you don’t have to worry.

We want the final job to be flawless and which is why we make sure to fully prep the surfaces. We will fill and sand any nail holes or imperfections to ensure that nothing gets in the way of us providing you a quality paint job. We may also apply primer depending on the condition and color of the wall before the actual paint goes on to ensure it properly adheres and the final results are free of imperfections or streaks.


The Painting Process

To ensure your walls get the best paint job possible, our high quality residential interior painting services include all the things necessary for that. This includes painting even those difficult corners and areas like trim, baseboards, doors and lightly sanding walls, if required.

We will communicate with you and be in touch with you throughout the process in order to bring your vision for your home to life. We will gladly answer any doubts or concerns you may have at any time.




Our team is determined to make this whole experience as pleasant as possible for you. During the painting process we do our best to keep the area clean during and after the prep and painting process. We will remove all painting products and tools and clean up the area leaving it exactly as it was before we started painting, of course, except, the walls.

We will be walking with you through the finished project to run a quality inspection to ensure everything is right and according to your standards. If for some reason, you’re not satisfied with the final work, we will fix them instantly.


Can You Paint Indoors in the Winter?

Many people in O’Fallon, Montana are still unclear if indoor painting can be done during cold weathers or not. To be honest most of the times it actually better to get your interiors painted in winter for several reasons:

  • The paint takes little time to dry. This happens because humidity is lower during cold weather which allows the paint to set quickly.
  • Low and no-VOC paint colors reduce noxious fumes. You might be thinking what VOCs are? Well, they are carbon containing substances that easily become gases or vapors. The fumes release from paints are from Volatile Organic Compounds. A lot of types of paint and brands are being produced that reduce or eliminate the VOCs in paint.
  • You will be able to get your project done way faster in winters. Because this period is usually less busy for painting companies, and getting your project done while no one else is getting it done is always beneficial.


Getting the Paint Job Done Right

You can put your trust in HB Painting Contractors no matter what kind of painting project you have in your mind for the interior of your house. We strictly use the best in class interior paint and materials, and try our best to comply with OSHA guidelines.

We will properly set your home up, communicate constantly throughout the project, and leave your house neat and clean when we are done. We can make such promises because we have built a reputation for excellent workmanship and high standards over the years.

To set up your free consultation with us, contact us today!