Commercial Painting

Does your commercial or business property need a fresh coat of paint? Updating the color can do wonders to freshen the look of your building.

If an old outdated paint worn out wall color is something that is bothering you, HB Painting Contractors is ready to help. We have proudly been working with businesses for their commercial painting needs in O’Fallon, St. Charles County, St. Louis County, and surrounding areas for over 25 years now.

If you are looking for a painting company that can your job done without bringing your business to a halt, look no further that HB Painting.

The Commercial Painting Process

For every commercial painting project that we take in hands, we follow a systematic process. Doing this ensures that you get your project done on time with quality results and within budget. We reduced your stress by providing full-time office support for any help with paperwork your company may require or processing.



Before we get started with your property, we will determine exactly what you want by meeting you, to answer any questions, and provide suggestions professionally. We will then make notes of all the specifications and present to you a quote for the project.

Once you give us a green signal by signing the proposal, we will start the work from those specifications. We guarantee and there will never be any additional costs unless approved by you.

We have made a name for ourselves for doing a great job at fair price which has helped us maintain our business reputation.


Prep Work

As soon as we arrive at the site, the number one thing that we do is prepare the area properly. There must be items in your house like furnishings, fixtures, flooring, carpeting, etc. which cannot be relocated to protect them from paint spill and damage, all these will be covered by our experienced team of painters carefully.

We never start with the actual painting until the walls are prepped fully. So in case, if there are nail holes or imperfections in the wall, we will ensure that that those are properly filled and sanding is done. Also, if there any walls that require light sanding that we’ll do that too.

Now for the Painting

Once the prep work is done, our team will begin painting your business carefully. We understand that it is important for you to know how the project is progressing, hence, we will stay in communication with you throughout the process.

With HB Painting Contractors quality should never be a concern as we only use paints and materials from premium brands. And not only that but to ensure safety, we also comply with OSHA guidelines.

We know your business operation must go on without any hindrances. Which is why we can work during the night time to limit any disruptions during the day time. At the end of each day we’re painting, we will clean up your business area leaving nothing hazardous at your place.


Finishing the Job

The job is not complete yet. Yes, not even after the painting is done!

After the painting work is fully finished, we run a quality inspection to make sure that your finished commercial property not only looks good, but also matches up with your expectations. And if it ever happens that you’re not happy with the work, we guarantee we’ll make it right a thousand times over.

Get the Quality Commercial Paint Job You Deserve

A new paint job can be the best thing you can do for your business as it not only freshens up your commercial property but it also make your brand look more aesthetically appealing to visitors, customers and off course, your employees.

Contact HB Painting Contractors today if you would like to explore our commercial painting service.