Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been in business?

HB Painting Contractors has been proudly serving the St.Louis & St. Charles County for OVER 20 YEARS because our past customers continue to come back AGAIN & AGAIN.


How do you hire and evaluate your painters?

We come from a long line of generational painters and are very selective in hiring our painters. Most of our painters, especially our crew leaders, are family members and have been with us for years. I trust them in the homes of my own friends and relatives.


What process do you use to prepare surfaces to make sure the paint “sticks”?

We make certain to remove all loose and flaking paint from all surfaces. Often, this is done by pressure washing or manually scraping. Sometimes, surfaces have to be scuffed up, abraded, profiled, or even primed to guarantee adhesion. That’s why we take our time where it counts – in the PREPARATION.


What type of guarantee do you offer?

We offer a 3 YR WARRANTY on all projects. So, if you notice an issue – small or large – you can call us any time after your project has been completed to correct. We strive to create CUSTOMERS FOR LIFE.


What type of paint do you recommend?

We use Sherwin Williams paints because we have a strong relationship with the company and they produce quality products. This means if there is ever a manufacturing defect, we know that Sherwin Williams will stand behind our work – and your project. However, we do make exceptions when there are superior products in specific situations or if our customers have a strong product preference.


Are you licensed and insured?

Absolutely! We make certain we protect our customers by carrying the appropriate coverages for general liability and workers compensation. Additionally, we are licensed by all local authorities and continually seek out industry recognized certifications (PDCA & APPC) to add to our customers peace of mind.